Process Automation:

Business process management

Manage processes with greater flexibility and power. Reduce costs and increase revenue. Allows modeling, implementing and executing processes.

Robotic process automation

Set of technologies to automate processes by replicating human actions with the system. {UiPath – Automation Anywhere – blueprism}

Customer relationship management

Improve your customer relationships. Stay in touch, streamline processes and improve profitability. {Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics}

Enterprise resource planning

Integration of processes in a single system (finance, human resources, production, purchasing, services, etc). Industry solutions from various sectors. {SAP}

Data management

Business intelligence

The analytical part of the company's data. Obtaining a deep and useful analysis to make business decisions. We adapt the needs of your company to meet the necessary control of all areas. {Tableau – Power BI}

Machine learning

Custom technical solutions to solve complex problems. Machine learning algorithms built and designed based on your own data. Raw data consulting services regardless of where they come from.  {Python, R, Sacala, TensorFlow, Cloud Machine Learning Engine}

Big data

Big challenges that require big solutions. Rising of requirements, conceptual elaboration of solutions, design and selection of architecture based on needs, implementation, and support. {Hadoop distributed File System – Apache Cassandra, Hive, Pig, Spark – Zookeeper}