Salesforce continues to gamble on the petroleum of the future: data

For more than 20 years, Salesforce has been known for being part of the information technology sector. In recent periods it has acquired and made large alliances to continue being a tech giant in the market leading other companies to new heights. Their strategy is to bet on a future mediated by information and vertical solutions for each type of business.

This company has understood that in order to evolve and continue to lead the market, it is necessary to know and be clear about the usefulness and functionality of data. That is why Salesforce has set itself the task of potentiating its ecosystem around data. It has done this by executing inorganic growth through large alliances and integrating its three largest acquisitions: Mulesoft, Tableau, and recently Vlocity. The latter closed on a $1.33 billion deal.

  • Mulesoft is a platform that seeks to integrate information by joining data inside and outside of Salesforce. In turn, this application allows any user to carry out the integration without the need to create developments in the interacting systems. The purchase of Mulesoft was completed in May 2018 for 6.5 billion dollars.
  • Tableau is the leading Business Intelligence program. With this acquisition, the company sought to enable users to analyze and visualize the existing information in Salesforce in a much deeper and more efficient way, focusing its emphasis on data analytics, which are the heart of the digital age. The Tableau purchase closed in August 2019 for a value of $15.7 billion, its highest value to date by this futuristic digital transformation giant called Salesforce.

Finally, regarding verticals, these are specific systems for certain sectors. Salesforce currently has products for the finance, healthcare, media, retail, nonprofit, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries. In efforts to expand the range of services, Salesforce bought Vlocity, a company dedicated to the development of cloud solutions and industry software on the Salesforce platform. It is a software provider company for mobile devices and has products for specific sectors such as companies in communications, entertainment media, public services, insurance, health, and government.

At Bera Group we are certified in Tableau and we are strategic partners working with Mulesoft and Vlocity. Feel free to contact us to receive more details.

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